Sonic Temple

Ian Astbury

Birthplace: Heswall, Cheshire, England

Birthdate: May 14, 1962

Home: L.A., California

Quotes by: Ian Astbury

“The food was so fucking good, I was trying to eat the plate.”
-Ian Astbury discusses the tastiness of the food in Cuba.

“We should have “National Stop It Day” where people go around and say ‘Stop It! Stop this shit! Whatever you’re doing, stop it!’ I mean, whose fucking idea was it to put gold teeth in dog’s heads?”
-Ian Astbury proposes a new national holiday!

“I’m a poor man, but I’m rich inside.”
-Ian said this before a concert in Stockholm, Sweden 1994.

“I don’t want to be some kind of war memorial, covered in pigeon shit…that everyone forgets about, and once a year some old bloke brings his grandson to clean off all the shit, and pay his respect”
-Ian – Dec. 6th, 2000.

“If you feel out of place, that’s ok, so do we… You are welcome here.”
-Ian Astbury, 5-5-01, Atlanta, GA.

“it’s okay, No one is watching anymore. You now have permission to rock again.”
-Ian Astbury on stage in Austion, Texas, March 17, 2001.

“One of the Cult’s favorite quotes is, ‘We like to rock from the waist down.'”
-Ian Astbury

“Our tour will be a gathering place for desperate souls,” Astbury says, “People who have been recently disappointed by watered-down, mediocre rock & roll. A lot of rock bands are like little kids playing with big-boy toys – we’re playing by big-boy rules. This tour is for people who need meat in their sandwich.”

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