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Press Release


BILLY DUFFY of the high-octane band, THE CULT is in talks to lay down some heavy guitar work on the soundtrack of SIN-JIN SMYTH! ( The film—which follows two Federal Marshals assigned to a midnight prisoner transfer (over Halloween weekend) of a mysterious man with no past—has a heavy action element in it, as if the characters were ‘rough and tumble gunfighters out of the Wild West!’ said Director (Ethan) Dettenmaier, ‘And for that, we want a serious edge!’

Midnight Syndicate, who is hard at work designing the orchestral track for the film, wanted to revolutionize their sound—and The Director wants to keep the music mean! “Syndicate is inventive,” Ethan continued, “And they made it clear that they wanted to expand upon the sound that they’ve become known for and that led to the idea of bringing in a guitar player. Once Edward (Douglass of Syndicate) and I discussed it, we agreed we should go out and get one of the best!”

Enter Billy Duffy…One of the most respected men in music!!!

Although a contract is still in the process of being worked out, the idea took a serious step forward as the film’s Producers met with Duffy and members of the SANCTUARY RECORDS GROUP at their offices in Los Angeles in order to ‘make it work!’

Duffy will also take on the role of Music Supervisor, (working from the library of Sanctuary Records (which includes: IRON MAIDEN, MOTORHEAD, ROBERT PLANT, BILLY IDOL, FLEETWOOD MAC, MOTLEY CRUE and others) and yes Duffy will also gear up to take on a wicked role in the film ‘which will give him an opportunity to get locked and loaded, weapons and all!’ Talk about a triple threat!

—Contributed by Fred Godlash

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