Sonic Temple

Week Five USA May 2001

Canada and Los Angeles

Let me tell you about Canada. Or at least my impression of Canada. It seems to be pretty cold there – at least, when we arrived it was raining, cold  and everyone insisted on speaking French (not my main language!). But for The Cult, it’s a GREAT place to be. We were there for just a few days, but every bit of press, everyone we met, and both the shows were just so well received. It looks like we want to try and go back later in the year to do a dedicated tour of Canada.

Montreal was just one of those gigs where everything went right. The audience were just completely up for it, and we played the whole set perfectly. Ian was very emotional when we walked back on for the encore – a great moment for us.

We also did a live set for MusicPlus, the Canadian TV station in their studios. Despite being kinda weird, playing two songs and then sitting down and talking for a bit, then jumping up and playing a few more songs, then interview again, the show looked great. I saw a tape afterwards and those guys made the whole thing look really cool, and all the studio audience loved it.

And Toronto was much the same. The show there was in a huge complex, that had two or three other clubs going on at the same time. I came out of the dressing room at one point, and these two guys were outside dressed like birds – you know, all multi coloured feathers and beaks strapped to their mouthes…….and they were on HUGE stilts!!! Now call me old fashioned, but the sight of two ten foot tall purple parrots standing around having a conversation is just a little bizarre!!! It turns out that they were the floorshow for the hardcore dance club next door. Thank god for good old, jeans and tee-shirt rock and roll!! I stayed on in Toronto for an extra day to sort out some stuff, while everyone else flew back to LA.

When I was a kid, I used to look at all the rock stars and wanted to be just like them. The thing is, nobody explained to me that sometimes, I would have to get off a plane, and go to a radio station at 7.00am, to play songs on a breakfast show!!! Oh my god, we were all so tired at KROQ. It was great to be asked to do the Kevin and Bean show, and I think we pulled it off – Rise and Edie done on acoustic guitars – but it was so early!!! And when we left the station, there were people waiting for autographs!! I asked them what they were doing up so early, and they said “waiting for you guys”. Amazing!

And later that day, at the instore signing at Tower, I was even more amazed at the dedication of some of the fans. Kids had been sleeping in the parking lot of Tower, just to get to meet the band. Guys were getting Ian to sign their arms, and then going out to get the signature tattooed on!!! The line to get in was long, the police were in attendance and news crews from the networks were there too. The Cult is back, ladies and gentlemen!!

The Whiskey show itself was just the best time. We absolutely filled the place, and from what I heard, getting through the front door was a triumph in itself! Los Angeles came out in force to welcome the band, and I know we were all very appreciative, and proceeded to play a really great set. The Whiskey was a very hot and sweaty place to be that night, but I think everyone who saw the show would tell you that it was worth every bead of sweat.

So that was the end of the first leg of the Beyond Good And Evil world tour 2001. Apart from the Leno show (I can sum that up easily – stand around all day doing nothing, then try and perform totally cold, in front of a studio audience for three and a half minutes!!!) its all over for a few days. The next couple of months will be back around the country with Monster Magnet and Stabbing Westward. I promise that I will get words of wisdom from ALL the other members of the band, and as long as you guys wanna read this stuff, I will make sure that there is something to read. The new site is starting to look cool, I think, and we are maybe going to try getting some video clips from the tour up for you all to see. Thank you all for your words of kindness and we will see you at a show very soon.


Billy Morrison