Sonic Temple

Week Four USA May 2001

Columbus, Saratoga, Foxboro, Washington, Providence

Ive been elected by default to continue writing this diary, and you know, it actually helps keep me relatively sane out here. Being able to tell the difference between shows is a hard thing to do and by writing some sort of diary while touring, it helps me work it all out.

My question to you all today is…..what makes a good chicken ceasar salad! Nothing to do with The Cult directly, but having eaten it now in twenty different hotels, and having had a different meal each time, I find it is a question that plagues me.

Anyway, this was to be the week of the big shows. Columbus was a good theatre show – same set as we have been doing elsewhere, and from there, we drove to Saratoga Springs. What a beautiful town – cool little antique stores and schoolhouses, churches etc mixed in, all built in a kind of late nineteenth century style. We all went out shopping on the day off, and all found a very cool, cheap army surplus type store. Suddenly we were all wearing camouflage jackets and carhart jeans!! Not quite, but you get the idea! I drifted around the town all day, and went out for a meal with Billy, Matt, Rik and Carl, our managers in the evening. The following morning was a show day and we drove down into the middle of what looked like a forest, and suddenly a clearing appeared, and this amphitheatre came into view. This was the venue – how bizzare. We were playing with Everlast ( very cool show ) and Live, and our set went down ok – I think we were all a bit tired, but we pulled it off and moved on to Foxboro Stadium in Boston.

What a bill for a festival – Aerosmith, Black Crowes, M.Manson and us!! And a nice stadium as well. It was a long day, arriving at eight in the morning and leaving at two the following morning, but the gig was great. It felt good to be on that stage, and most of the night was spent watching the other bands. Aerosmith, despite only doing five songs, were as cool as they have always been, and Manson sounded really good. I think every single person who went to that show, left having had their moneys worth.

Washington RFK Stadium, and my first thought is “this place is huge!!!”. We do a bunch of press during the day. Scott Ian from Anthrax interviews us for VH1, and we get ready to go onstage. The show itself looks awesome from where we are – everyone in the crowd is going crazy, crowd surfing, clapping their hands when Ian makes them and we come off stage hot, tired and happy. We played well, and we had a great audience. That’s all we need. We watch Incubus, who sound good today, and Green Day, who blew me away. That guy is a top performer, he can sing and the crowd went stupid, ripping up the turf covering and actually using it as surfboards. Guys were crowd surfing (literally) from the sound desk at the back of the stadium to the front row. If any of you people are reading this – YOU ARE INSANE – keep it up!!!!

A whole bunch of autographs later and we leave the parking lot of the stadium on our way to Rhode Island, and another club show in Providence. We played to a sell out crowd and threw in “Take The Power” from the new album for the first time ever. It goes down well. Its kinda hard to keep making the transition from theatre to club to stadium to theatre again. Everything changes from gig to gig and its difficult to get comfortable with the onstage sound and get continuity night after night. I think the next leg of the tour, with Monster Magnet and Stabbing Westward is going to tighten everything up even further and will take us up to the next level. The album drops next week and the vibe on the new single “Rise” has been great, so the tour will roll on, we will do more press, more shows, and keep on keeping on. Thank you to every single one of you who has come to a show – The Cult salute you.

Next week – we invade Canada, and play a secret show in LA. Until then…


Billy Morrison