Sonic Temple

Week One USA May 2001

Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta.

Welcome to the first of many Cult tour diaries. For those of you reading this who might not know me, ( which is most probably all of you! ) my name is Billy Morrison, and I am the new bass guitar player for the band. Im working with the others to give you guys an inside look at what its like to be on a tour like this. We will post a weekly update on the tour, tell you how its been, how the shows have gone, hopefully put up video footage and pics of stuff that happens to us, and generally try to keep you all informed of The Cult’s 2001 world tour and the progress it makes.

Its been a hell of a first week for me. Ive gone in at the proverbial deep end, playing to just under one hundred thousand people in one week, and Ive gotta say its been very cool. The new tracks have been going across better than anyone had hoped and we’ve been doing a good selection from the back catalogue as well.

We started the week by flying in from Los Angeles to Nashville, to do a days rehearsal, before doing our first show at a small club in Nashville called EXIT/IN. The capacity was five hundred and by the time we hit the stage, the place was heaving with people.

The show went really well, and we all felt pretty good about it afterwards. It did exactly what it was meant to do, which was to warm the band up for the following nights show in Memphis – a thirty thousand strong festival crowd, and a full on Cult set. After the gig, Billy and myself found a cool sushi bar and chilled out there for a while, before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel. We left Nashville in the morning, drove to Memphis, and arrived at the festival site to find the place looking a bit like a refugee camp – bodies lying everywhere, and very worrying food items being cooked inside portable “café’s”! We got driven to our stage, and by the time the intro tape rolled, it was dark and the lighting came alive. The crowd were great, and we played a full set, both old and new tracks, and everyone had a great night. The evening was topped by the news that our new single, “RISE” had been added to more radio stations that week than any other rock act in Atlantic Records history. Now that is HUGE!!

Atlanta came next, and the biggest audience so far – fifty thousand people! The Midtown Music Festival. We played the same set as the night before, with Matt and Ian going crazy! Billy and I swapped stage sides and the whole thing became a true Rock and Roll show. It normally takes a few shows for a tour to hit its stride, but I think we started to find it in Atlanta.

Back to Nashville, for the River Stages festival – another ten thousand people – and for the second night running, we got to watch Cheap Trick play before us. Those guys are genius, and its been a pleasure to share the stage with them. Our show was kinda weird – the audience was along a river bank, with our stage actually on the river, on a boat!! But it was a cool show, and we played well. Its feeling like its starting to become tight. After the gig, we hung out talking to the people who were waiting around, had a really nice Indian meal, and headed off to New Orleans – an overnight drive. Nothing really eventful happened, except that at about four o’clock in the morning, I woke up to the sound of what I thought was a nuclear attack, or maybe an Indie Car race, and realised that our lunatic bus driver, Chris, was washing the bus in a jet wash… four in the morning!! Matt got woken by the noise as well, but Chris is a lovely guy, and we ended up laughing about it and just going back to sleep,

We are now in our hotel in New Orleans, a very cool place, as we stay here for three days, and play shows in Baton Rouge and New Orleans itself. More about that in next weeks diary. Im going to go and enjoy the many temptations that the New Orleans nightlife has to offer, and we’ll check in next week. Don’t forget – the album comes out on June 5th. Go buy it, listen to it, and then come to a show. The dates are all listed on this very site. Until next time……


Billy Morrison.