Sonic Temple

Week Three USA June/July 2001

June/July With Monster Magnet and Stabbing Westward

Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago and Minneapolis

Hello Cult People!!

As you might know, this is my first tour diary writing. I have been promising Billy Morrison I would write one since the beginning of the tour. In May I could never seem to get enough time. Billy gets up much earlier than me and is very energetic. I have been having difficulty sleeping on the bus, which usually gets me to bed around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and rising around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., just in time for soundcheck, press and meet and greet. But since the beginning of this leg of the tour, I have been feeling more rested, as I have been more relaxed and settling into tour mode so to speak.

After spending a fews days in my own bed in Hollywood, California around the Weenie Roast and San Diego gigs, I was ready for the bus again. I said goodbye to my black lab Drac, my german shepard Anya, my african parrot Myra and my six Koi fish Johhny, Gypsy, Edgar, Lilly, Spootie and Junior and headed off to the the airport in a van with Morrison, Dimkitch, Bone and Duffy. Salt Lake City was the Destination.

__ Monday, June 25th

Quite a large gig in Salt Lake, a big arena called the E Center reminding me of touring arena’s on the Sonic Temple tour and the Guns days. What I remember the most was how bad those places sound, but with Bone on the soundboard I know it was rockin’ in the house. After getting a new drum kit for this tour I’ve been having some trouble getting a good sound on stage and I will remember this gig as being one of my worst even though the fans in Salt Lake are always great and I think it was a good gig overall.

__ Tuesday, June 26th

After an o.k. nights’ sleep on the bus, I awoke in Denver. After rolling out of my bunk I made myself a bowl of Granola with a large glass of orange juice followed up by some multi-vitamins for energy. Very nice hotel in Denver called The Hotel Monaco. Went for a workout, 30 mins. on the treadmill and some sit-ups. Then after my workout, I met with the president of Earthlink, and he hooked me up with the Blackberry wireless E-mail unit which has been very handy on the bus, recieving and sending messages. Off to the gig at the Paramount. Tough gig for me again tonight, having a hard time hearing the monitors, But once again a great Cult crowd. Went home after the gig for some sleep which is very unusual for me. I usually like to go out and mingle and meet some new people. But instead went for the hotel with a great bed option.

__ Wednesday, June 27th

Woke up on a day off in Denver, went for a meal with our assistant Tony to Chili’s. Had the healthy choice, chicken and veggies. Then went for a cruise to the prominade, bought a 64mb chip for my Canon digital camera, had some Starbucks ( a vente non-fat latte) with Bone and Tony, then back to the hotel to pack up for the late night drive to Kansas City.

__ Thursday, June 28th

Woke up in Kansas City in front of the venue around 11:00a.m. Went inside and the caterer made me a beautiful egg white vegetable omelette (very nice) followed again by some multi-vitamins. Good soundcheck today where I discovered some of my monitor speakers were blown. After soundcheck some press and dinner. Best gig in weeks for me tonight, felt real good behind the drumkit. Great sound tonight!! Outside the gig, bought a cool belt off a fan, kind of a punk rock studded thing, good with jeans or black pants. $20 a bargain.

___ Friday, June 29th

Big drive to Chicago, 510 miles. Kind of a bumpy ride, arrived around 10:00a.m. Went into the hotel for some more rest. No soundcheck tonight at the House of Blues. Lots of guests for tonights show. Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins, and a friend of mine from Playboy with 12 friends!!  Great gig tonight – felt totally at ease behind the kit. What a difference good sound makes. The band was rockin’. Ian was singing great, Morrison was pumpin’, Duffy was throwin’ shapes. It felt great!!!

__ Saturday , June 30th

Early day today. Big radio show in Chicago for Q101 with five live songs from the studio with a live audience. Band sounded good for so early in the morning. We played “Rise”, “Breathe”, “Firewoman”, “Love Removal Machine” and “She sells Sanctuary”. Billy Corgan in attendance again as he was recording some acoustic stuff upstairs and we were so loud he had to stop. After signing autographs, we went to Billy Corgin’s studio to hang out a bit. Ian, Duffy, Morrison and myself. Had some chinese food and went off to the Congress theatre for another gig. Some of the best vocals I’ve ever heard from Ian tonight. The band was smokin’, full lights and sound, cool old theatre. After the gig, some sushi and friends on the bus.

___Sunday, July 1st

Woke up in Minneapolis in front of the Quest theatre. Lots of family coming tonight. My Dad, two brothers Mike and Dave Jr. after my father. My Dad raises horses in a little town about two hours north of Minneapolis. And my oldest brother Mike is a horse vet. My kid brother Davey has just turned 21 and assists my brother Mike. 14 guests altogether for me tonight. Good gig tonight, smaller place but very rockin’. Very relaxed gig. First gig for me with the new in-ear monitors where I can hear everything through small earpiece type things.

Hung out with the family after the show at a place called the Lounge next door.

I hope you enjoy my week’s report

Talk to ya soon!!!!!

Matt Sorum