Sonic Temple

Week Three USA May 2001

Tulsa, Wichita, Columbia, Omaha, Peoria

As you will realise, you’ve still got me, Billy Morrison, writing the diary. Probably because Im the only person who is insane enough to be up this early! Its seven oclock in the morning, and we are driving towards Indianapolis, and as I couldn’t sleep yet again (clinical insomnia, Im sure of it) I thought I would get this weeks diary done.

Its been a mad week – five shows that have pretty much all merged into one big Cult set. We started off in Tulsa, Oaklahoma in the middle of a horse racing track, playing a radio festival with Orgy and Fuel. It was a very hot afternoon, and we began seeing people being carried off by the medics, looking like bolied lobsters and suffering from the heat. We hung out with the guys from Orgy and Fuel, both before the show and afterwards and the gig itself was fine – same set as in Dallas and everyone went crazy.

After a few hours in a local after hours bar, we headed off for Wichita, kansas and a little club called Rita’s Little Uptown.

LOUD is the word that comes to mind when I think of this show! The club was pretty small – probably 800 people, and we turned up with the same rig that we have been using at the festivals. The show felt very punk rock – driving through the set, but without The Saint (from the new album) we hammered everyone, including ourselves. But it felt really good, and Im sure my hearing will return at some point this year! All good fun.

Onwards towards Columbia and Omaha, – both shows were club gigs again, and both of them were .loud, hot, sweaty affairs. Ive got to admit that at this point, its all starting to roll into one big mess in my head. The constant procession of getting on the busses, checking into hotels, checking out of hotels and playing shows is starting to fry the few brain cells I have left!! It’s a lot of fun out here and I love playing the music. It just gets harder to remember what day it is, what town we’re in and where we are going next.

Omaha, Nebraska was next, and I noticed six volleyball courts right outside the entrance as I got off the bus. Then, as I walked in to soundcheck, I saw the twenty four lane bowling alley! OK….it seems like we are playing the leisure centre! But it’s a great little club and by the time we played, it was literally wall to wall with hot, sweaty people, buzzing with anticipation. It’s a fantastic gig – we played really well, just getting into the pocket and relaxing with each other. It’s the feeling that all bands push for and is not always there. But when it comes, its awesome. We played War, Nirvana and Love Removal Machine as encores and I came off the stage soaked with sweat. It felt like I had been swimming! We all spent a lot of time after the show, meeting all the people hanging around the busses, signing stuff and hanging out with everyone. I even found a small smoke shop in the old town that sold my brand of english cigarettes so I bought every pack they had, and ended the day a very happy man.

Next up – Peoria and a great venue that was obviously an old movie theatre, complete with balcony, and a stage with wings. We had a few things to do during the day, like a photo shoot and some signings etc, but during the downtime, I broke out my new toy – a remote controled racing car! This thing is insane……twenty five miles an hour and completely controlable. The parking lot of the venue turned into Laguna Seca Raceway and I killed time chasing any cars, people and dogs that showed up. The show was again another one that felt good and tight. Full set list again, and by the time Sanctuary came around, I couldn’t help smiling at all the hands in the air. The main incident for me was taking a fall when I left the stage in the pitch black, and hurting my lower back. As Im writing this, I can feel how bruised it is, and will probably have to take it easy for a few days.

That’s it for this week – lets see if I can get Matt to keep his promise next week. Until then…..


Billy Morrison